Guidelines for Joining the Charter Education Community


Caleb Woods,

How does an Education Organization or Institution become a Partner?

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the work of the Charter:

  • Read, sign and act on the Charter for Compassionate Schools. There is great need for a Charter for Compassionate Schools that translates the principle of compassion to the uniqueness of the school world and acts as a rallying cry and unifying vision for schools and educational organizations across the globe.

  • Join our network. If you are a principal, teacher, youth group, educational organization, early childhood professional, consultant, writer, musician or artist, or other specialist who works in education, join with our other partners in forming an accessible network of compassionate education specialists. Each partner has a page on our website that links back to your own site.

  • Contact the Charter for Compassion to become a volunteer. Visit our website to learn more about the Charter and our community initiatives, and partner sectors.

  • Contribute to the Education Blog. Share what you are doing in your teaching and learning.

  • Get our mobile Compassion App. Enter and access a world of compassion and record your thoughts and actions for caring for the others, yourself, and the Earth.

  • Engage in the Compassion Relays and Games. The Relays are year-round and are a great way to engage everyone in compassion and increase momentum for the Games in September.

How does a technical school, educational organization, or university get ‘Compassionate’ status?
  1. Organize a Compassionate Action Group to help set the framework for becoming a Compassionate School or organization.
  2. Register your campaign with The Charter.
  3. Reach out to the decision makers in your school community or within your organization.  Ask the questions: Who needs to be on board?  Who needs to say "yes" to the campaign and its being accepted?
  4. Draft a plan for becoming a compassionate school/organization and take it through appropriate channels.  Consider how the school/organization will be different and doing things differently over the next years. Will there be special programs? Will courses be added? Are there practices at the school or within the organization that could possibly change?  Every applicant needs to explore the issues of "compassion" as it will be implemented in its own community.
  5. Engage the school/organization in dialogue about the Charter and encourage the signing of the document by individual members of the community.
  6. Write a final statement,* declaration, resolution or proclamation to sign and implement the Charter.

The final document is one that can be referred to on a regular basis, and adapted to meet the changing needs of your institution.

What are the next steps? 

  1. Review who is part of the community.  
  2. Read about what they have done to become compassionate schools/colleges/universities/organizations.
  3. Decide on your plan of action.
  4. Apply to be a Charter Partner.
  5. Implement your plan.
  6. Share your success.
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